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How to Prevent Ankle & Foot Injuries with the Ankle Foot maXimizer (AFX)

Ankle injuries are one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries and, without rehabilitation and treatment, have a very high recurrence rate. At Collins Place Physio, we use a number of techniques to prevent ankle and foot injuries, but one of our favourite tools is the Ankle Foot maXimizer (AFX).

Here, our Physiotherapist Conor Brennan outlines the many benefits of the AFX.

The problem with ankle and foot injuries

Recurring ankle injuries can cause a lot of long-term problems, such as chronic ankle instability, damage to the internal cartilage and joint surfaces, and a loss of mobility. A loss of ankle mobility will then place increased load on the knees and hips, causing long-term disability and poor movement patterns throughout the lower limb. After sustaining an ankle/foot injury, it is very important to complete a rehabilitation program and correct any residual instability or mobility issues.

Where the Ankle Foot maXimiser comes in

The Ankle Foot maXimizer is a revolutionary new strengthening system that enables you to strengthen all the muscles/tendons of the entire foot and ankle complex. Instead of using resistance bands that constantly slip off your foot or performing monotonous calf raises/balance exercises/using wobbleboards, the AFX anchors around your foot and bungee cords supply constant resistance throughout your entire range of movement. The bungee cords vary in resistance, allowing you to strengthen your ankle from acute stages of injury right through to sport-specific training.

One of the great advantages of using the AFX is that it helps to activate all the intrinsic muscles in your foot, i.e. the small inner muscles that help to maintain your arch and provide stability to your foot and ankle. Another benefit of the AFX is that it enables safe, controlled stretching of the ankle and foot in all directions.

Whether you have sustained an ankle sprain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, fracture or are recovering from surgery, the AFX is the ideal strengthening system to return you to full pain-free function. It will ensure you return to the sport you love, decrease your risk of re-injury, and help increase your athletic performance by improving your jumping ability, speed, agility and balance.

Click here to watch a quick demonstration of the AFX system.

If you are interested in the AFX and think that you would benefit from it, please ask one of the Collins Place Physio team about it today.

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