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Why Choose Us?

At Collins Place Physio, we pair our comprehensive range of services with a collaborative, team-based approach to relieve your pain and enhance your wellbeing. With decades of experience in Physiotherapy and remedial massage and a passion for continual learning, you can rest assured you’re in the best hands in the business!

Right in the beating heart of Melbourne CBD, at the top end of Collins Street, our cutting-edge clinic is conveniently located for city workers and commuters alike. From your thorough assessment to your treatment and rehabilitation, our goal is to get you back on your feet sooner.

But while we deliver fast results, we don’t dish out band-aid solutions. At Collins Place Physio, we believe in a holistic approach to future-proof your physical wellbeing – it’s the foundation of our unique, three-tiered treatment model.

Our team will work tirelessly to Relieve your pain, Restore your foundation, and help Prevent any future injuries.



We know you want fast relief from your pain or discomfort. And we’ll work with you to achieve that, whether with Physiotherapy, massage, dry needling, or a combined, hands-on treatment plan. We also sell a wide range of products for symptomatic relief and self-management, such as wheat packs, foam rollers and pregnancy support garments.


We understand that treating symptoms alone can lead to a lifetime of recurring issues (and bills!). Our team is highly skilled at pinpointing and addressing the root cause of different types of pain and dysfunction, from poor posture to incorrect movement patterns or structural imbalances.

We offer a variety of screening services, including postural analysis, which help us devise an action plan to restore your foundation, and reduce the likelihood of ongoing pain. We are passionate about ergonomics and offer workplace assessments, as well as stocking an extensive range of ergonomic equipment.


Improving strength, flexibility and movement is key to reducing the incidence of injury, particularly for highly active clients and sportspeople. We use the Functional Movement Screen and Y-Balance Tests to determine your potential for injury, and devise a corrective exercise plan to reduce your injury risk and elevate your physical performance.

We’re the friendly team you can trust with your musculoskeletal health concerns. Call us today on 03 9650 2220, or book your appointment online!