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Pilates Classes in Melbourne CBD – The Alignment Studio Now Taking Bookings!

Melbourne CBD Pilates The Alignment Studio
Whether you’re a Pilates devotee or brand new to the practice, you’ll gain a lot from Pilates classes at The Alignment Studio. With two different styles on offer—Reformer Pilates and Studio Pilates—you’ll improve your flexibility, posture, coordination and range of motion. Injured? Try our Clinical Rehab classes. Designed and run by physios, these private or semi-private therapeutic sessions draw upon Pilates based exercises to ensure a full and speedy recovery.

Read on to learn more about Pilates at The Alignment Studio, and to find the class that’s right for you. (We have a maximum of 6 per class, so you’ll need to move fast to secure your place—call us on 9650 2220, book online or via The Alignment Studio app!)

Reformer Pilates

For a fun, fast-paced Pilates class in Melbourne CBD, look no further than The Alignment Studio’s Express Reformer classes. Offering a top-to-toe workout in 45 minutes, our Express Reformer classes are a great way to stretch (and sweat) it out after a long day in the office. Helping to correct your posture and alignment and improve your balance, strength, core stability and coordination, a single session will help you stand taller!

What to expect?

Taken by qualified Pilates instructors, Express Reformer Pilates classes at The Alignment Studio are conducted on, and around, Pilates Reformers. The Reformer itself is a highly versatile structure with a rolling carriage, springs, straps and footbar that allows you to safely train and challenge different areas of the body. Throughout the class, you can expect to lie, sit, stand and kneel on the Reformer, perform movements with your legs and arms in straps, and utilise equipment including Pilates boxes, magic circles and hand weights.

By changing your springs when instructed, you’ll increase or decrease resistance for a different type of challenge. While heavier springs will help strengthen and tone, lighter springs will engage your stabilising muscles as you attempt to hold the carriage in place.

Breathwork is a core Pilates principle, and you’ll learn how to utilise your breath to deepen into each stretch and increase your flexibility and range of motion. You’ll also experience a new level of body awareness.

At The Alignment Studio, we intentionally keep our Reformer Pilates classes small (6 people or under) to ensure a safe practice. While students follow the same sequence of exercises, our small class sizes allow instructors to correct individual posture and technique as required. Adjustments can also be made for different abilities, injuries and how each student is feeling/ presenting on the day.

Are Reformer Pilates classes for me?

No matter your age, sex or fitness level, Reformer Pilates is a safe and incredibly inclusive movement practice that enhances mobility and mind-body connectedness. The Alignment Studio’s Reformer Pilates program caters to beginner Pilates students through to experienced practitioners and athletes.

You’ll benefit from our Express Reformer classes if you are:

• New to Pilates
• Experienced with Reformer, Studio or Mat Pilates
• Recovering from injury (Clinical Rehab or Studio Pilates may be more suitable, please ask our friendly team)
• Fit, starting from scratch, or somewhere in between!
• Sedentary or ultra-active
• Pre or postnatal (with clearance from your doctor)
• Experiencing back pain or postural issues
• Wanting to improve core strength and stability
• Looking to improve flexibility and mobility
• A desk-bound office worker
• Seeking a new fitness challenge
• Wanting to enhance your strength, endurance and sporting performance
• Looking for a comprehensive, full-body workout in under an hour!

Studio Pilates

Utilising a range of Pilates equipment such as Reformers, Trapeze Tables, Wunda Chairs and Spine Correctors, Studio Pilates at The Alignment Studio is a highly personalised practice. Private or semi-private, with a maximum of 3 people per class, each 50-minute session will include exercises tailored to your unique physical condition and goals. For instance, if you have an injury, your Studio Pilates program might be more rehabilitative than fitness-based.

What to expect?

Studio Pilates sessions are taken by highly skilled and qualified Pilates instructors. You will be given your own goal-oriented program, and can expect plenty of one-on-one attention, even in a small-group class. You’ll also reap the benefits of using a full range of Pilates equipment.

Is Studio Pilates for me?

If you are new to Pilates, rehabbing an injury, or want to improve specific aspects of your physical performance, consider giving Studio Pilates a go. You will benefit from personalised attention and a program that is fully tailored to you and your unique goals. You’ll enjoy moving at your own pace and having the focused support and attention of a skilled instructor.

Studio Pilates is often recommended following completion of a Clinical Rehab program.

Clinical Rehab

Clinical Rehab classes are not pure Pilates classes; they are active physiotherapy sessions that draw on a range of Pilates practices to enhance your recovery. Ideal for those with chronic and acute injuries or biomechanical dysfunction, our Clinical Rehab classes are therapeutic, evidence-based sessions taken by physiotherapists. Depending on your cover, these 45-minute sessions may be claimable on private health.

What to expect?

Designed to support your unique rehabilitation journey, Clinical Rehab classes are entirely personalised. You will be thoroughly assessed by a physiotherapist and given your own program prior to starting private, duet or small-group (maximum 4 people) classes. Your assessment may utilise real-time ultrasound to identify and correct muscle activation.

Classes include a mix of treatment and movement, and may incorporate Pilates equipment such as foam rollers, Pilates rings, pulleys, Reformers, resistance bands, light weights, kettlebells and more.

Our Clinical Rehab classes empower you to take an active part in your recovery. They can be very beneficial in the case of:

• An acute or chronic injury
• Neck or back pain
• Rotator cuff and shoulder issues
• Hip, knee or ankle pain
• Postural problems
• Balance and coordination issues
• Limited mobility
• Women’s and maternal health (pre and postnatal)
• Chronic disease
• Neurological conditions

Bookings are now available for our Clinical Rehab and Pilates classes in Melbourne CBD. Call us on 9650 2220 for more information, book classes online or download The Alignment Studio app.

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